Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harvest Days

This was one of the funnests days I have shared with my PA friend family since I moved here. My heart was swollen so big all day with love for all of them.

Maura Grace at Merrymead doing some apple slingin'.


Craft table

the headless harvest fariy

spiders....and an octapider


pumkin carving!

basically adam is like the best pumkin carver who ever lived...I'm so lucky.

Lydera we missed you all day today....xo to you.


hayliebird said...

yay!! this was so fun. i love living in PA, especially with you folk. hooray for harvest days & friends. my favorite was the crafting hours. it went on for forever. i wish everyday was like this day.

SHILL said...

looks like someone having crazy fun time!