Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

Nowhere in America can people cook like those folks in the South, and holidays are where they shine. Dressing, collards, sweet potato souffle, cornbread (from scratch), and pecan pie. We serve things right out the pot off the stove.

My mother pretty much spent two days in the kitchen making white and pink divinity (grandma's recipe), homemade fudge (perfect twice!), and loads of other good stuff.

Treasures from Brooklet

I made it a point to head up to my favorite junkin spot while home. Here are some of my new treaures.
P.S. Special thanks to Mrs. Lynn for being open on Christmas Eve for a little while!

Nabisco Tries to Deny Goodies

Ok so once a year the good people over at Nabisco bring out the holiday goodie, white chocolate covered Oreos. AND every year I wait to eat them with Matt Davis. Partly cause of tradition and mostly cause I would eat them all myself. Well, this year we apparently waited alittle too late. After three different grocery store attempts we ended up at....Walmart at 10:30p.m. the night before Christmas Eve (aka Hell). Walmart too let us down, But we decided not to let them win. We made our own chocolate covered Oreos, and vowed never to purchase them from Nabisco again. Hmmmmmm

HOHO Jimbo

Christmas eve night my mom got the bright idea to partake in some wine and dress Jimbo up like Santa Clause. Santa Jimbo was the dsd (designated sleigh driver). I will admit I was a bit disappointed in my lack of an elf costume. We went around to my little cousin's houses (some not so little). The youngest ones didn't even recognize him!

Jimbo would like everyone to know that there is a pillow underthere....he is also lying on Christmas


On Christmas Eve Adam Tybee, Jocelyn, Corrine, and I took off for a field trip to my favorite junkin spot in Brooklet, GA. I was a trip filled with cotton fields, bad Christmas tunes, and shot guns out the windows of big trucks....ahhh Georgia. The highlight of the journey was most definitely when my passengers convinced me to stop and GO INSIDE of the creepy tree surrounded house I always pass along the way. WHAT? Amy Hahn and I have stopped there before but were not brave enough to go in. Inside we found old chairs, lots of shoes, and other creepy stuff.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Play'n with Jocelyn

Today after an amazing Back in the Day food stuffing, Jocelyn and I headed over to Mark Jacobs to get our holiday photo taken. You can look at all of the photos taken in Savannah at I found this one....I knew that big knife would come in handy one day Carson.

Swan by Mark

Flying South for Christmas

I have never really had the experience of "going home for the holidays" until this year. Three months ago I moved from my 25 year home of Savannah, Ga to Philadelphia, PA. My new job at Maximal Art (which I will write more about later) was kind enough to let me go home for five days! Arriving in Savannah was one of the best feelings ever. My momma had made me my favorite vegitable soup (southern style) and my gradma's cornbread. Then we went straight into town to see the girls at @home and all the magical Christmas goodies there. THEN I had my first Back in the Day cupcake in three months....oh home again. The night just got better spent with one of my BFFs Jocelyn, Tybee Adam, and a new pal Corrine. We went and ate fancy Chocolate at Lulu's and then went to Pinkies. Pinkies looked so cute all decorated for Christmas. It was great to be home. Here are some of the little treasures from @home.
P.S. Thanks to Liz for Haylie and I's Martha strawberries, and my (newly engaged!) pal Clare Frank for the little bird pin. Congrats gur!!