Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here are some images from me and my gurls adventure to the National Christmas Center. UM it is my personal heaven...and can't touch or buy and of these goodies.
p.s. We let Katie bring her new boyfriend. He was really stingy.
p.s.s. Thanks to Haylie Bird for the photos

Saturday, January 9, 2010

NYC Halloween

Where getting ready is most of the fun!! Next year we are totally gonna ride the subway all night! Adam, Maura Grace, and I spend Halloween with our NYC friend family and had a spooktacular good time.

No Halloweenies Party

Some decor shots of my Halloween decorations for the Halloween Maiden Monday. The night had lots of good treats and zombie cocktails.

Harvest Days 2009

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The day before I left for Georgia for the wedding, I threw everything I owned in a pile in the living room of Adam and I's future apartment. The place needed some major love, so we started house warming boot camp. We got almost everything fixed and in it's place in three and a half months.

everything I own in a pile
the living room finished

the bed room finished, with the bed Mr. Brad made us as our wedding gift

The sweet folks over at design sponge featured our finished product.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ginny and Ed

If I had to name 10 most fun days of my life this would be one of them. I was SO happy for these high school sweet hearts. The wedding was at Serenbe right outside of Atlanta, GA and was the perfect setting for Ginny and Ed's 20's inspired wedding.

to see more of this lovely event go here:

Part-Time Studios

The other BIG change for Adam and I has been moving our studio! The Part Time studios crew really earned an upgrade from our unheated dirty warehouse (R.I.P) and we got one! We feel soooo spoiled in our gallery/workspace. Everyone has gotten so much more work done, all within the company of good friends.

Architect Jason Shlabach and Interior Designer Claire Zeigler, some brainiac friends of ours helped us be smart about lay out. Thanks guys!

outside view

the gallery space

the work space

our first First was bumpin

my super cute studio lady mates

the real catches of Philadelphia...and New York

All photos by Seth Shimkonis (the new guy on the block)

stuck in a blog bog

HEY friends and family! So it's been a REAL long time since my last post, but folks I have been BUSY!

The biggest thing you all know is I took the big plunge into the love pool. Yep, I got hitched to the best boy in the whole world.

For more extra fabulous photos of that magical day go here: All photos by Josh Goleman

Here is an image from our engagement photo shoot. This was SUCH a fun day. Murphy, broken legged Josh, Chap, Maura Grace, Mrs. Sandy, and Adam and I set this up in the corn field right down the street from the Smith farm. A day I will never forget.

To see more images from our engagement photo shoot go here: All photos by Josh Goleman...who else people?!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Momma

Excited to be an American!

"Now me and Senator Biden are homeboyz" HA watch this.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting Hitched

Well well well, Adam went and popped that age old question....That's right I'm jumppin into the deep end of loves commitment pool. I've never been so gitty and gurly in my whole life.

Adam made this kill today, I baked the bird. Just kidding Mrs. Sandy made it, delish.

now you see it....

now you don't

Apparently he's been keeping that thing on there till I said yes. Who knew.

Harvest Days

This was one of the funnests days I have shared with my PA friend family since I moved here. My heart was swollen so big all day with love for all of them.

Maura Grace at Merrymead doing some apple slingin'.


Craft table

the headless harvest fariy

spiders....and an octapider


pumkin carving!

basically adam is like the best pumkin carver who ever lived...I'm so lucky.

Lydera we missed you all day today....xo to you.