Friday, January 18, 2008

Silas' friends

As most of you know I have been pushing myself to the max this year with American Craft Council work. I have never worked so hard in my life and I still have the worst to go. But I can do it. I have many good encouragers that I am very grateful for. Thanks for all the sweet words everyone. Here is some new work. A whole Silas the Clown collection!

Maura and Chap to the Resuce

Finally, Finally, Haylie and Halli have....a couch. Sweet Maura Grace found an amazing couch for Haylie and I for $10.00...WOW. Her and her wonderfully sweet hubby Chap also rented a truck and delivered the couch to us. What a treat. Thanks so much to the both of you.

Some other peaks into our living room...
Our Georgia/Flordia wall. Ignor the Christmas decor.

Our shrine to Harry Potter.

Treats by mail

I am such a lucky gur because I have gotten loads of treats in the mail lately! Miss. Amy Lind sent Haylie and I a box full of goodies, My momma sent me an early Valentine box full of baking things, Ginny Brancher sent me a supa sweet postcard, and Abby sent me these sweet elefriends. Aren't they the cutest. Thanks everyone. It always makes my whole day! xoxo

New Years Day Close Call

Hello everyone. it's Friday morning. One of my favorite times of the week. It's my time to get up early, make my house warm, sit on the couch, blog, and drink coffee before my long day in the studio begins. Ahhh, a break.

This post is alittle delayed but I still am going to share:
Reason #1,000,000 I am so glad to live with another Southern bell. On new years day in the South you eat black eyed peas for good luck. Everyone does it! (I should do some research on that.hmmm) I had almost forgotten to eat my peas till Haylie remembered and saved us from a whole 365 days of misfortune. Haylie made the most delicious black eyed pea salad I have ever eaten. It was amazing! It is also a tradition in my family to eat greens on the first day of the year to ensure finical luck. Thank goodness my mom smuggled some in my suitcase from my trip home. Haylie wasn't a big fan but she poked some in so not to be poor this year.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Country New Years Eve

This new years Adam did a great job getting some friends together out at the Smith farm. The evening was spent crafting up some party hats, sitting by the campfire, smore makin', and drinking some new years beverages. It was also Murphs birthday celebration. Happy Bday Murph! You can see more (well taken) photos on my pal Josh's blog. mash the blog button.

Another Peak Into Our Nest

I don't really know the purpose of my blog except to show my friends a family what my life looks like, and what makes me happy visually and happy in general. I'm sure it's funny to most how much I love taking photos of mine and Haylie's appartment. I've never had a place of my very own before! AND lucky enough for me Haylie and I love many of the same things. Here is a glimpse into our kitchen and bath.

Haylie and I purchased these plates in Richmond, VA on our move up to PA. She is the yellow bear and I am the pink bunny with a tissue.

Haylie loves tea towels and aprons.

I try to keep a healthy array of knick-knacks and goodies on top of our microwave.

My momma sent us a whole load of pink kitchen gadgets.

I had nothing to do with the paint selection in this room.

Goodies with Cheer-Up Power

Returning to Philly was a bit harder than expected. Even though I did miss Mr. Smith it was hard be back. I had to jump straight into ACC craft show work (which means I don't leave my studio) and Haylie was still in Florida. In an extra mopey moment I remembered Sheryl and Griff had sent me home with a bag of goodies. They are the sweetest most caring of folks. And with a cup of coffee and some of Griff's homemade chocolate biscotti my sad mood disappeared. The taste of home and the healing power of a friend's treat. Thanks to you both. Miss yall.

Christmas Land

I am so lucky to have a roomy who is as nuts about Christmas decorations as I am. Two peas in one pod on Montgomery Ave. I didn't have time to bring yall Haylie and Halligan's Christmas land before I left to go to Savannah soooo here is your peak inside.
P.S. We blame our mothers for this decor infatuation. Thanks moms.

Our extra chubby tree.

Some of Haylie's favorite.

These were a gift from one of my bosses at work. I don't think she knew how much I love creepy gnomes. Thanks Robin!