Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting Hitched

Well well well, Adam went and popped that age old question....That's right I'm jumppin into the deep end of loves commitment pool. I've never been so gitty and gurly in my whole life.

Adam made this kill today, I baked the bird. Just kidding Mrs. Sandy made it, delish.

now you see it....

now you don't

Apparently he's been keeping that thing on there till I said yes. Who knew.

Harvest Days

This was one of the funnests days I have shared with my PA friend family since I moved here. My heart was swollen so big all day with love for all of them.

Maura Grace at Merrymead doing some apple slingin'.


Craft table

the headless harvest fariy

spiders....and an octapider


pumkin carving!

basically adam is like the best pumkin carver who ever lived...I'm so lucky.

Lydera we missed you all day today....xo to you.

Apple Pickin' and Finger Lickin'

Well the PA kiddos were soo lucky to have some fun friends Emily Cox and Paul Isabella come to visit! To get into the coming harvest season Haylie Bird, Katie Miller, the guests, and me all went a-apple pickin. Boy was it fun. It was so nice to be out in the orchard snacking on all the apples.

The fruits of our labor. I never want to eat an apple again...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

home again home again jiggidy jig

Who know what that means? Anyways so I know it's been awhile yet again since I posted anything on here. Life is just busy busy busy! I have so much to catch up on but stay tuned it's on the way.

First things first, I once again returned to good ol' Savannah to see my momma for her birthday. (I went a week early) We had the best time just relaxing, drinkin sweet tea (which I can no longer handle at full strength), watching cheesy movies, eating at funny Pooler resturants, and painting cute Christmas houses. It was by far the best trip home I've had...too short as usual. The family even got together on Sunday before I left. Here are some shots of some good lookin chillrens. They seem so sweet in pictures...don't be fooled. just joshin'

Anna and her twin.

Maggie who has the slyest little eyes I know.

The whole crew.